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What's New This Month ....
Owners Of Pet Skunks is proud to announce these
updates recently made to it's informational skunk web site.

  • Skunk of the Month
  • New and Updated Links
  • New Helpful Skunk Tip
  • Wild Skunk Facts
This site was last updated in January 2002.

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Owners Of Pet Skunks is dedicated to providing a top-notch web site to users of all levels. The following guide should help you to explore our web site with ease. Just keep the following few hints in mind.

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When bringing up pages containing photos or pictures, please be patient. As our galleries grow, so will the time it takes to load them. Sorry!

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To contact the webmaster of this site with any problems or suggestions drop an email message to Tacy A. Kessler. Please comment and write to her, she will be thankful with any information you might want to throw her way. Last but not least, this site was designed for everyone. If you are upset with any part of it please feel free to email the webmaster and we will try to make you feel more at home.

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